Nouvelles du Comité International pour la Défense de Slobodan MILOSEVIC


Communiqué de la section francophone du "Comité International pour la Défense de Slobodan Milosevic" (ICDSM) :


 - Paris & Bruxelles, 28 JUIN 2001 -

Les Kollabos pro-américains qui gouvernent la Yougoslavie et la Serbie depuis le coup d'état rampant du 5 octobre dernier viennent de jeter définitivement le masque.

Ils viennent d'extrader le président Milosevic vers le soi-disant "Tribunal pénal international", créé et financé par l'OTAN, qui exerce une parodie de justice principalement contre les Serbes (A quand l'inculpation des criminels de guerre de l'OTAN, de l'UCK ou de l'Armée croate ?).

Ils ont échangé Milosevic contre une grosse poignée de dollars, comme ils l'avaient déjà arrêté en avril dernier pour les mêmes motifs. Trente deniers de Judas pour les traîtres serbes : de quoi tenter de survivre face au mécontentement populaire qui gronde devant la dégradation rapide de la situation économique et les promesses non tenues.

Les quislings de la DOS ont pour cela  montré le mépris le plus total des institutions yougoslaves.

La DOS a violé la constitution qui interdit l'extradition des nationaux yougoslaves en adoptant un décret anticonstitutionnel.

La DOS a violé le droit en transgressant la décision de la Cour constitutionnelle suprême yougoslave qui venait de suspendre le dit décret.

La DOS a violé les garanties formelles du droit yougoslave et international qui ouvre des voies obligatoires de recours et d'appel à toute personne menacée d'extradition (procédures légalement engagées par Milosevic).

La DOS a violé les règles démocratiques qui confient au parlement, où les Kollabos de la DOS sont minoritaires, le vote des modifications constitutionnelles.

La DOS a violé les règles de fonctionnement de toute majorité gouvernementale en adoptant le décret contre l'avis de leur partenaire monténégrin, le SNP, opposé à la violation de la constitution yougoslave perpétrée par la DOS.

La Yougoslavie n'est plus un état de droit.

C'est une république bananière gouvernée par une junte vendue à l'impérialisme et au néocolonialisme de l'OTAN et des USA. Et le président Kostunica est un judas qui a vendu son honneur.

Milosevic n'a pas été extradé mais enlevé et livré illégalement au TPY, organe de répression de l'OTAN.

Aujourd'hui, le président Milosevic est le premier des résistants au Nouvel Ordre Mondial et à la dictature de l'OTAN.

Aujourd'hui, tous les hommes libres doivent se mobiliser pour défendre l'ancien président yougoslave : NOUS SOMMES TOUS DES MILOSEVIC !


Declaration of ICDSM

Defend the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from Lies and Terror !

- Belgrade, June 17, 2001 -

THE ICDSM condemns the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) attack on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and applauds the brave efforts of the people to defend that embattled nation.

The KLA attack could not have taken place if it were not sponsored by NATO, led by Washington. We urge people everywhere: defend FYROM from the international smear campaign which has been launched by the Western mass media and so-called human rights groups.

NATO always claimed that ethnic conflict in the Balkans was the work of Mr. Milosevic and the Yugoslav government. But Mr. Milosevic has been illegally jailed for 10 weeks. And the Yugoslav government is now pro-NATO.

Yet NATO and the Western media have suddenly discovered that FYROM, once praised, is terribly abusive to Albanians, thus justifying what the media falsely calls a 'rebellion.'

The terrorist attack on FYROM demonstrates that no subservience to NATO protects a country from NATO's 'Greater Albanian' terrorism. FYROM's government did everything NATO asked. It let NATO station troops on its territory. It applied for membership in the European Union. It applied for membership in NATO's so-called Partnership for Peace. It let NATO use its territory to conduct raids against the friendly nation of Yugoslavia. Thus it was an accomplice in crimes of war.

But NATO does not wish to have compliant nations in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It wishes to have weak protectorates dominated by gangsters, racists and terrorists, under NATO dictat.

Let this be a lesson to people the everywhere. If a country surrenders 'just a little' of its national sovereignty to NATO, NATO will take it all. For NATO has no friends, only future victims.

Unanimously Adopted by the following, meeting as the ICDSM Working Committee, June 17th, Belgrade :

- Professor Velko Valkanov, Member of Parliament, President, Bulgarian Antifascist Union, Founder and Co-Chairman ICDSM

- Professor Mihail N. Kuznecov, Russian Federation, Vice-Chairman ICDSM

- Sergei Dovgan, President, Peasants' Party, Deputy of Parliament, Ukraine, Vice-Chairman ICDSM

- Fulvio Grimaldi, Journalist and Film-Maker, Rome, Italy, Vice-Chairman ICDSM

- Liana Kaneli, Member of Parliament, Greece, Vice-Chairman ICDSM

- Christopher Black, ICDSM Lawyers Committee, Canada


500,000 Ukrainians Demand : Free Slobodan Miloshevich !
And they're still signing....

by Jared Israel [19 May 2001]

In Ukraine, the powerful Peasant Party has collected 500,000 signatures on a very strong statement demanding that former Yugoslav President Miloshevich be freed from jail immediately. They have sent the petition and a cover letter to Yugoslav President Kostunica and others.

Meanwhile, in the most significant reaction to Mr. Miloshevich's arrest to date, ninety-two out of the one hundred and thirty members of the Russian Parliament's Upper House have signed a statement condemning the arrest in the strongest terms and demanding the Russian government take action to secure Mr. Miloshevich's release.


The Russian statement was circulated among members of the Federal Council, upper house of the Russian Parliament. While the Council is not the primary legislative body it includes all provincial Governors as well as Mayors of the biggest cities. This group wields immense political and economic strength. Included are Mayor Luzhkov of Moscow, Mayor Yakovlyev of Petersburg and Governor Kondratyenko of the Krasnodarsk region.

The signers, including members of all parties including Pres. Putin's UNITY Party, called on Putin and the Russian Government to take immediate action to secure the release of Mr. Miloshevich.

Here is a translation of their statement, transcribed by phone hookup :

"We cannot understand how it is possible that those who used armed force to bomb the cities and villages of Yugoslavia, trampling all human values without any justification in International Law, are now trying to destroy one of the greatest Yugoslav and world politicians, the former President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a true patriot of his country.

"The attack on Miloshevich is an attempt to avoid the punishment for the crimes they committed directly and for encouraging genocide against the Serbian population in Kosovo.

"We protest the policy of the United States and NATO countries in the Balkans and demand that the prosecution of Slobodan Miloshevich cease. We declare our support and solidarity for Slobodan Miloshevich in this most difficult struggle.

"We appeal to the President and government of the Russian Federation: Take action to defend the former President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a country which has always been Russia's most reliable friend !"

The Council members have also signed the petition being circulated by the newly formed Russian Committee to Defend Slobodan Miloshevich. We will have the Russian Committee's petition translated into English and other languages as soon as possible.


On May 5th the powerful Peasant Party, the 3rd or 4th biggest in Parliament, launched a major campaign called, "FREEDOM FOR SLOBODAN Miloshevich!". They set up 449 action committees to collect signatures demanding Miloshevich be released from jail. As of 16 May they have collected about one half MILLION signatures.

Here's what people signed [capital letters as per Ukrainian original] :

"To President Kostunica:

"Stating the will of hundreds of thousands of citizens of Ukraine, we address to you the demand that you release from the walls of his jail THE GREAT CITIZEN OF YUGOSLAVIA, THAT IS, OF THAT COUNTRY WHICH BY AN ACCIDENT OF HISTORY YOU LEAD. In demanding you take this action we count on your honorable relationship with the heroic past of your very much suffering but never broken people and with its best sons such as the steadfast leader of the Socialist Party, Slobodan Miloshevich."

This statement has been sent along with a letter to Yugoslav President Kostunica. We don't yet have the exact wording of the letter but in general it attacks the conditions under which President Miloshevich was arrested and explains in detail what has been done in Ukraine to organize to organize for Slobodan Miloshevich's release.

The Ukrainian activists are sending a similar letter to the United Nations, to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, to the OSCE, and to the leaderships of Russia, Belarus and Greece and the Parliamentary opposition in all the NATO countries.