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March 11, 2006
(Statement from the International Coordination “FREE SLOBO” - Brussels – Paris – Belgrade) 

In Memoriam Slobodan Milosevic (1941-2006): 

The Yugoslav president, 64 years, died, this March 11 in the cells of The Hague of the so-called “International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)”, a anti-Serb and  anti-Yugoslavian war machine, created, financed and controlled by Washington and its muppets of NATO where it had been held for more than four years for so-called “war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide” after being kidnapped in Belgrade, with the contempt of the Yugoslav and international laws. 

The so-called faked “trial” organized by NATO against President Milosevic, had been several times suspended since its beginning on February 12, 2002 for health reasons.  Slobodan Milosevic suffered in particular from serious cardiovascular disorders, which did not prevent the NATO’s media to speak over “simulation”. 

The so-called ICTY had rejected at the end of February a request conditional release deposited by lawyers of Slobodan Milosevic for going to cure in Russia, spite of the guarantees deposited by  Moscow. 

Radio-television of Serbia indicated that Milosevic was deceased after its health “had suddenly worsened”. A foreseeable situation. A death which is connected with a crime.  And a death which falls just at the good time for the so-called ICTY and its Masters  whereas President Milosevic, of the general opinion of independent observers, broke the charge and was  the moral winner of the unequal and difficult fight that he carried out against the “court”. “The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia was created in 1993 to try those responsible for atrocities during the Balkan wars then raging. It was the first experiment in international war crimes jurisprudence since World War II, and was the model for the creation of more tribunals. But the success of the court was being weighed by the happenings in Courtroom, where the defiant, combative Serb leader sparred with witnesses and judges alike”, said THE GUARDIAN.

We share the accusations of our Russian comrade Babourine who qualifies of “crime” the refusal of The Hague Court to authorize Milosevic to follow a treatment in Russia : “It’s to commit a crime to refuse a medical care to a patient. It is a coarse violation of the humans right”. It is indeed in these suitable terms that the president of the Rodina fraction in Douma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament), Sergueï Babourine, commented on Saturday for RIA Novosti the news of the death of the Yugoslav president. 

With Sergueï Babourine, we estimate that the iniquitous and unworthy “judges” of the so-called “Court” of The Hague did not have any interest to carry out until the end the judicial enquiry relating to Slobodan Milosevic. It is the true reason for which the so-called ICTY had refused to authorize Milosevic to be gone to Moscow to follow a treatment there. 

It should be recalled that Slobodan Milosevic is the third Serb accused to die for lack of suitable care in the cells of the prison of The Hague.  “It is necessary to put a term at this ignominieuse thing (the Court of The Hague) and to give all the accused to the legal authorities of their respective countries to be judged there by national courts”, said  Sergueï Babourine in his conclusion that we approve. 

The brother of Milosevic, Borislav  has on his side accuse in Moscow the so-called ICTY to be “entirely responsible” for the death of the Yugoslav president. 

The death of the Yugoslav president is indeed full of shadows. In Belgrade even, in the sector of professional information, one evokes even an assassination of President Milosevic, camouflaged in heart failure. And justified by the collapse of the charge, particularly following the suicide last week of Milan Babic, former president of the Serbs of Croatia, and which was to testify against Milosevic after being submited to the blackmail of the ICTY.

“In the midst of his defence, after Carla del Ponte's inept attempt  at prosecution (many of her key witnesses turned out to be liars) Slobodan Milosevic was about to call some resounding names in international circles to the stand. Now, they will not have to go. How very convenient the “death” of Slobodan Milosevic is. With the “disappearance” of an important witness in Milosevic's trial, Milan Babic, through suicide, less than a week ago, the Hague detention centre could rightly be called Death Row and is evidently unfit to detain and protect prisoners”, comment the PRAVDA.

Voices also rise in Russia to denounce an assassination. Let us listen General Leonid  Ivashov – ex head of the Defense Ministry international cooperation department and vice-president of the Russian Academy for geopolitical problems – which affirms that the death of Milosevic is a “political assassination” : “regard it as a contract political killing because the court proved incapable of proving his guilt and acquitting Slobodan Milosevic would amount to denouncing NATO for the aggression against Yugoslavia. It is a murder. The doctors whom Slobodan Milosevic trusted were not allowed to see him. Besides, he was

not allowed to travel to Russia for treatment even though he asked. He was deliberately placed in a situation that caused his death”.   

Sharing these relevant charges, the leader of the KPRF, the Communist Party of Russia, second party of the country, Guenadi Zouganov affirms that “Over the nearly four years of the proceedings in the Milosevic case carried out by the so-called International Tribunal, the judges have actually found themselves in a deadlock. And Milosevic's death is a way out of this deadlock for those who organized this shameful framed-up trial, Zyuganov told Interfax Saturday. The death of this man is on the conscience of the judges who recently declined his request that he temporarily travel to Russia for medical treatment,  despite the fact that doctors confirmed that his health was extremely poor”.   

The head of the Duma's international affairs committee, Konstantin Kosachev has also serious interrogations. He said “the competence of doctors who kept refusing to recognize the seriousness of the former Yugoslavia president's condition should come under close scrutiny”. He added that the “circumstances of Milosevic's death should be thoroughly investigated”.

Defender of the Serb people, but more especially of the Yugoslav transnational Ideal,  president Milosevic had refuse  the collapse of the first socialist Yugoslavia – that of marshal Tito –, wanted and planned by Washington and  Bonn, an essential stage of the expansion of NATO in the East, the new “Drang nach Osten”, consecutive to the collapse of the SSSR. 

The heroic resistance that he had directed during the last decade of  XXth Century against the aggressions of NATO (allied in particular with the Albanian Maffias, the Croatian fascists and the Bosnian islamists, in the name of “democracy” – sic – and “humans right” – resic), and whose top had been the embargo and the criminal bombings of 1999, was a capital  element which prevented Eastern Europe from falling entirely in the hands of the Atlantist new colonialism. It particularly gave time to the re-establishment of the Russian power, or to the victorious counter-offensive of Socialism in Belarus of President Lukashenko. And was one of the fronts where was contained the New World  Order “made in the USA”.

Remembering the role of Tito in the No-aligned Movement, second socialist Yugoslavia, founded by Slobodan Milosevic in 1991, was also active in the anti-imperialist struggle and had particularly developed assistance and relations of friendship with Belarus, Ba' athist Iraq and  Syria and socialist Libya. 

In Serbia, well far from being forgotten, Slobodan Milosevic was the symbol of Resistance to the Western offensive. His partisans remain numerous and the parties of the National-patriotic Opposition – SPS, SRS, SSJ – which continue his fight, are in full rise.  Although prisoner of the cells of the so-called ICTY, Milosevic himself had been triumphantly elected Deputy in the last elections of 2004. 

Far from “closing an old era”, as the servants of Washington – like Solana – hope it, the strange death of Slobodan Milosevic on contrary will accelerate the rise to power of the National-patriotic Opposition and singularly of the SRS. Because the Serb people is not yet enclosed in the yoke of Western conformism and preserve values of honor and heroism. 

President Milosevic never had abdicated, never given up. In front of his dishonnest “judges”, he carried out an effective and pugnacious struggle, in defense of his Yugoslavia and of the honor of the Serb people, to which he had sacrificed his life. He died by carrying out this last fight, by which he joined the Serb heroes fallen in front of the enemy.

IVICA DACIC, from the SPS / Socialist Party of Serbia, said that “He was systematically killed by all the years he spent in The Hague and this is a great loss for Serbia, the Serbian people and the Socialist Party of Serbia. It is of major importance for the future of our country that through his defence and the fact he died without being convicted, Milosevic had managed to defend national and state interest”.

Tomorrow, when a true Europe, One, Great and  free, from Vladivostok to Reykjavik, will be released from the chains of  Yankee new colonialism and imperialism, the sons and daughters of Europe will remember with emotion the fight of  the last Yugoslav  president and will greet his memory. 

We will not forget, we will not forgive, the struggle follows ! 

Slobodan Milosevic present ! 


(Brussels – Paris – Belgrade): 
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