- BERLIN, LE 02 MARS 2002 -


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(organized on the invitation of the Berlin-Schöneberg/Tempelhof Branch of the Party of Democratic Socialism/PDS by the German Section of the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic) :
Intervention of Luc MICHEL,Chairman of the Frenchspeaking Section of ICDSM



Dears Comrades 

I give to all of you the greeting from the militants of the frenchspeaking section of ICDSM in Belgium, France, Switzerland  and now Quebecq. It’s good for us to see here so many people fighting united for justice !

I want to thank you too for the warm reception here in Berlin that show me that the spirit of  friendship of the “other” Germany is still alive.

I have read in a French newspaper that “Milosevic is a new Hitler”. It’s the key of the NATO’s propaganda against Milosevic. So, I want to explain you why suporting President Milosevic is fighting against fascism and militarism.

Speaking of the “Milosevic case” is speaking about NATO and Imperialism.

Speaking about the Yugoslavia of Milosevic is speaking also of the collapse of the Soviet Union a decade ago.

In that time, NATO claims the victory of the so-called “western democracy”.

To the name of the “New World Order”, NATO announced the “end of history”. In fact, NATO wanted the end of the memory ! Like in Berlin, They destroyed all over monuments against militarism and Fascism. But militarism of NATO and new fascism of the American imperialism followed their bloody run.

Their first victims was the Yugoslavia of Milosevic and especially the Serbian people.

Thanks to NATO, and especially to American and German imperialism, the collapse of the second Yugoslavia followed immediatly these of Soviet Union.

Thanks to NATO, the direct heirs of fascist Croation USTASCHA seize the power in Croatia.

Thanks to NATO, five decades after second worl war, the bombs of militarism hit again Beograd and Yugoslavia.

After the collapse of the USSR, far-right ethnic nationalists in Croatia and Bosnia launched civil wars that were tearing the country apart. The U.S. and German governments and secret services backed these right-wing forces, especially the neo-fascist Franjo Tudjman in Croatia and the Alija Izetbegovic regime in Bosnia.

President Milosevic was in that times the only one to say “No”. No to NATO and imperialism, no to the liquidation of Socialism and the collapse of multinational Yugoslavia.

In that time of world triumph of the “New World Order”, Milosevic was the first to organise resistance in Europe.

As president Milosevic pointed out a few days ago in The Hague, only "the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which now exists, retained its multiethnic makeup. There were no expulsions, from the beginning to the end of the Yugoslav crisis". After the imperialist-backed forces won, "half a million Serbs were expelled from Croatia",  Bosnia was split in three ethnic regions, and virtually all non-Albanians were driven from Kosovo.

In his adress to the Yugoslavian people of May 8, 2000, President Milosevic made a direct link with the antifascist Resistance of World War II and his fight against NATO agression in Yugoslavia and Eastern Europa.

All the “Milosevic case” is there. And all of that explain the hate and lies of the western propaganda against him. The so-called “International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia” (ICTY) is only a sequel of that.

Since its creation by the NATO, the so-called “International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia” (ICTY) is a war machine leaded against the Serbian People and its defenders, in Yugoslavia and in Republika Srpska (Bosnia). Directly financed by NATO, the International Criminal Tribunal and his slavish magistrates abiding by the orders of Washington, is a shame to all the magistracy and the international judicial world.

The proceedings they use – secret charging, anonymous evidences without any proofs, kidnapping of the accused regardless of the international law, automatic presumption of guiltiness of the accused, investigations in accusation and not in defence, and so on – remind us of the sinister inquisition and would deserve a non-admissibility of the charging in any independent court of law , starting with those in the USA.

The detention conditions in the ICTY jails are also outrageous. Especially the medical help brought to the prisoners, the behaviour of the medical staff of the ITCY prison is also a shame to all the medical world.

These are instances that are enough as proofs.

The moral loneliness of the Serbian prisoners, victims of  an incessant manhunt, is terrible. Adding to a detention duration abnormally long and contrary to the disposals of the European Convention of Human Rights. It’s why we must, as a duty, help them and support them.

The president MILOSEVIC is today the first of these Serbian prisoners. 

With the extradition of MILOSEVIC, the pro-American muppets who govern Yugoslavia and Serbia since the rampant coup of last October 2000 have just thrown away definitely the mask. 

They have exchanged Milosevic against a thick handful of dollars, as they had already arrest him in April 2000 for the same motives. Thirty coins of Judas for the Serbian traitors !

The DOS violated the constitution that forbidden the extradition of the national Yugoslavian while adopting an unconstitutional decree.  The DOS violated the right while transgressing the decision of the Yugoslavian supreme constitutional Court that had just suspended this decree. The DOS violated the formal guarantees of the Yugoslavian and international right that open ways of  appeal  to all menaced person of extradition (procedures legally hired by Milosevic).  The DOS violated the democratic rules that confide to the parliament, where the Kollaboses of the DOS are minority, the voting of a constitutional modification. 

Yugoslavia is not anymore a state of right.  It is a “bananas” republic, governed by a  junta solded to the imperialism and the colonialisme of NATO and USA.

Milosevic has not been extradited but removed and delivered illegally to the International Criminal Tribunal, organ of repression of the NATO. 

Today, President Milosevic is the first resistant to the New World Order and the dictatorship of the NATO.

And suporting Milosevic is part of the struggle against imperialism ans new Fascism : those of the USA and of its muppets of NATO.

It’s a true fact that the trial of Milosevic in The Hague is therefore viewed by many in Yugoslavia and around the world as a continuation of the imperialist campaign in eastern Europe. Milosevic was first charged with war crimes by the tribunal in May 1999. It was part of NATO's attempt to pressure the Yugoslav government to surrender control of the Serbian region of Kosovo and Metohia to U.S./NATO occupation.

We are a lot to think that Milosevic is now more than his only cause. He is a symbol. The symbol of the fighting Europe. The symbol of the refuse of US and NATO occupation, in Europe and all over in the World, where men fight for liberty and dignity.

And we want that the struggle for Milosevic become the beginning of a new anti-imperialist Front !

Today, all free men and women must mobilize themselves to defend the Yugoslavian president : WE ARE ALL MILOSEVICS ! 


President of the Frenchspeaking Section of ICDSM.